Subscribe to Notifications

> fs:start_link(fs_watcher, "/Users/5HT/synrc/fs"). > fs:subscribe(fs_watcher). > flush(). Shell got {<0.47.0>,{fs,file_event}, {"/Users/5HT/synrc/fs/src/README.md", [closed,modified]}}

Native Events

> fs:known_events(fs_watcher). [mustscansubdirs,userdropped,kerneldropped,eventidswrapped, historydone,rootchanged,mount,unmount,created,removed, inodemetamod,renamed,modified,finderinfomod,changeowner, xattrmod,isfile,isdir,issymlink,ownevent]

Sample Scheduler

> fs:start_looper(). =INFO REPORT==== 28-Aug-2013::19:36:26 === file_event: "/tank/proger/erlfsmon/src/4913" [closed,modified]


API is per default compatible to version before 1.10. By application start, fs will start fs watcher on specified per enviroment path or if enviroment is unsetted, than in CWD. That means you can still use it, like:

> fs:subscribe().

If you do not want to use backwards_compatible mode, disable it by setting fs enviroment:

{backwards_compatible, false}

This option will lead, that default fs watcher willn't be started.